Item 03 : General William Holmes Papers regarding capitulation, September-October 1914 - Page 172

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Chief of the General Staff,

My reasons for deporting G.F. Teufert from Rabaul were fully set out in my despatch to the Minister, dated 21st October last, an extract from which I now attach.

I also enclose herewith a translation of a letter dated 4th October from Teufert to the Officer Commanding the German Warship "Cormoran", in which, among othe things, he states his willingness to place his vessel, the "Siar", at the disposal of the German Navy if required.  This letter has only just come to my hands, having been obtained by my Officers at Eitape.  I sent a copy to Colonel Pethebridge on 27th ultimo (see copy of letter to him also attached hereto).

Under all the circumstances I consider Teufert a dangerous man; he is a dominating factor and exercises great influence over others in German New Guinea to our disadvantage. He would, in my opinion, be a disturbing element to the British Administration, and is not a man who would respect any oath of neutrality.

I, therefore, strongly advise that he is not released, but remain interned in Australia to the to the end of the War.


[See references to Herr Taifert, Manager of the German New Guinea Coy. deported, in Item 10 in this collection]

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