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cocoa-nuts throughout the WEST CAROLINES.

The West Caroline Company erected a new wharf about 18 months ago, which is big enough to allow the N.D.L. boats to berth at. On the wharf they always have from 600 to 800 tons of coal stored as they contract to supply the GERMAN Naval ships.

THE ROADS on the island of YAP are fairly good.

NATIVES are very peaceful. In 1912 there were no Native soldiers but a few Native Police. About 12 whites were there in 1912.

P O N A P E. This Island is one of the largest of the Caroline Group and is the seat of Government for the CAROLINE ISLANDS and the Governor is second to the High Commissioner in RABAUL. Since the trouble between the Natives and the Government in 1910 (Octr.) when three of the Government Officials were murdered by the natives there have been 150 Native Troops stationed at PONAPE.

Since 1910 the GERMANS have built good roads and bridges all round and across PONAPE. The Spaniards had fortresses at PONAPE and YAP but the GERMANS when taking possession in 1898 abandoned the fortresses with the idea of showing the Natives they were not afraid of them. The town is built on the Main-land or largest Island at the foot of a semi-circular range of hills, which rise to 2000 feet.

THE ANCHORAGE is in a good harbour, which is reached through a winding passage about 4 miles in length, is about 5 miles from the anchorage, and can only be reached from steamer by pulling boats at half and high tides. The JALUIT Gesellschaft have a large station at PONAPE situated on a small Island on the opposite side of the harbour from the town and about a quarter mile from the Anchorage. The JALUIT Gesellschaft Store COAL and WATER here for Naval purposes.

Owing to PONAPE being in the RAINY ZONE and abounding with water courses, water is always plentiful.

PORT SANTIAGO is the port wherein the town is situated and LANGA ISLAND is the one owned by the JALUIT Gesellschafft.

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