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is confined mostly to the months October, November, December, January, February, March and April.

THE STORES kept in stock by the Jaluit Company are fairly good as a rule, but with the holding up of the "GERMANIA" in SYDNEY a shortage in main lines such as FLOUR, BISCUITS and MEATS may be more or less acute. Temporary relief may be obtained, however from NAURU, a distance to the South in the direction of OCEAN ISLAND of about 2 days sail.

HOUSE ACCOMMODATION is not extensive, but shelter of a kind could be secured in native-built houses.

R O A D S - mere paths. Most of the communication in these Islands is done per medium of schooners and native canoes. Of the former the Jaluit Company run three and the Native chiefs a like number. Native canoes are numerous, but they require expert handling, being very ricketty.


DEFENCES - None of any kind.

R. G. Edwards Captain,

S. O., Australian Intelligence Corps.


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