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Dec 8th

Tue 8th
Lifted anchor & came alongside the wharf at 9.30 AM; In a remarkably short space of time a gang of Egyptians had lined up along the boat some wanting to sell oranges, some papers, etc while the greater number was there to beg pennies (or piastres) (2 ½) A penny was thrown down to see them scrambling for them every 5 minutes or so; about half an hour after we were here the native police came on the scene & started to hunt the beggars back & a penny was thrown & there was a rush for it & the police started on the crowd with a good lump of a stick, the pennies fell constantly at the policemans feet afterwards & the niggers (who will take plenty of hits for a copper) would dive for the penny right at the policemans [indecipherable]

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