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22 – 23 Nov

are within sight & only 10 boats here forming a flying squadron, the remainder are out of sight in our rear. Just had a message through that no officers or men will to be allowed off at Aden. so our luck is right out. writing all evening.

Mon 23rd
Practicing morse flag morning The on the boat-deck, received quite a shock about 10 o'clock when all the boats commenced blowing their siren's . we thought for a few minutes that a man must have gone overboard; but found out they were only having fog drill, relieved Pope for dinner & am on the bridge from 4 till 6 P.M. have caught up to the 4 New Zealand boats making this squadron up to 14 boats, very busy on the bridge from 4 to 6 taking messages. Creighton is on with me
caught up to the 4 New Zealanders early this morning. the Adjutant

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