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Sep 11 – 17

Fri 11th
Arrived in camp at 9 AM & had some fun watching riding test; had the day off on account of vaccination.

Sat 12th
Raining a treat; Passed the riding test signalling the rest of day, went to the city after tea

Sun 13th
Church Parade, issued with extra kit bag, bandoliers etc. raining strong went Felicia for tea & then to station & saw mother & father off

Mon 14th
Squad drill morning flag drill afternoon. went to Redfern & passed the evening at a benefit

Fri 15th
Flag drill morning innoculated against fever at dinner time, to Felicia evening & had bad time from innoculation

Wed 16th
Flag drill all day, had photos taken at the Crown Studios evening saw Jessie for awhile coming back from Burwood

Thurs 17th
Raining all day. no drill wrote letters all afternoon, went to Felicia

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