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Aug 26 – 30

Wed 26th
Races held here at Rosebery, we were all allowed out for the afternoon. Stan & I went to Victoria Barracks for money for our horses, (which we did not get) then to Sydney Hospital & saw Freeman; to Herc Pen's with Jessie for tea, to the Fire Station & saw Greyhurst, & arrived in camp at 11 P.M.

Thurs 27th
Murga Mack joined the campStan & I scaled the fence after tea, & put the evening in with Mylie Edwards

Fri 28th
Foot drill all day; Stan & I scaled the fence & went to the Girl in the Taxi, evening

Sat 29th
Paraded before Holman who gave us permanent passes from 6 pm until 10 pm. went to "Felicia" & met Jessie there, arrived home in camp at 11 pm (Foot drill all day)

Sun 30th
Church Parade morning, Mack was made Sergeant & knows nothing, Steven [indecipherable] was made L. Corporal & knows less, [indecipherable] made Corporal & knows his work well.
Mrs Pen, Mrs Gibson & Mr & Mrs Herc Pen came out went to Felicia for tea & met mother & father there

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