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Nov 18

sea is smooth. the wind dropped by 9 AM & we are travelling 12 knots an hour through a calm sea; We are very dissatisfied, & have put in a complaint about the prices charged at the canteen; They now charge 1/- per doz for wooden matches that we were buying before we got to Colombo at 3d per doz. by the way the canteen ran out of matches soon after leaving Albany, & we had to light pipes & cigarettes by lamps that were hung up in different parts of the ship for the purpose.

A tin of jam we have been paying 8d for took a rise to 1/- to-day. half penny stick of chocolates have advanced to 1d, & everything else seems to have gone up. I am afraid if they are not back to normal prices, inside a day or so, there will be another strike. scrap biscuits all broken up are sold at

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