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26 – 27 Nov

posted up this morning. but it only told us that the Indian troops had captured 3 machine guns & similar news, but did not say how the war was progressing & nothing about the reverse in Africa. We would be a lot more contented if they published all the war news that comes through.
We passed through the Straits of Babel Madelo at 2 P.M.
practising Morse flags all day. another horse died.

Fridy 27th
I was on duty from 6 to 8 & from 12 to 4 during last night, had a cup of tea as we were coming off at 4 oclock this morning. All the boats had orders to sail along last night with no lights & we were to do signalling with the lamps only on urgent messages (The officers on this boat are always barking at the officers on the Hororato & the Hororato barks back;

[correctly: Bab al Mandab]

Current Status: