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Sep 24 – 30

Thur 24th
Was paid for Idleboy. Packing up all day, & went to the Crown Studios to sit for P.C Photos. then to the Sydney Hospital & then to M Edwards & camp

Fri 25th
Called out at 4.45 AM to embark about 60 horses sent on board, marking kits & rugs all day; the Pen family brought out tea, Mr Pen arrived here from N'mine.

Sat 26th
Received orders that the Star of Victoria is not ready & cannot embark. could not get passes Stan & I scaled the fence. saw boxing contest between McCoy & Griffith, a draw

Sun 27th
Reg. picking up scraps of paper morning, no Parade afternoon. got passes evening & went to Felicia, then to S.H. with Jess

Mon 28th
Flag drill morning. mounted station work afternoon. scaled out & went to Manly & to Sydney Hospital evening

Tue 29th
Flag drill all day lantern drill at 7.30 PM Stan got leave & went to Felicia

Wed 30th
Flag drill morning mounted station work afternoon, went to the city & had my teeth filled [indecipherable] Stan & Jess went to Felicia

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