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15 Nov

Sun 15th
Woke up within sight of land. a very pleasant sight sailing along close to land. scores of very narrow boats with outriggers on them fishing. we passed quite close to some of them. saw a school of porpoises during Church Parade all around a native boat & quite close to us. I am on duty from 12 to 4 P.M.
dropped anchor at Colombo about 2 P.M. I believe Colombo is the prettiest place ever I have seen in my life, the Sydney and a five funnelled Cruiser flying the Russian flag together with the Jap that escorted us was anchored inside the breakwater when we arrived. we can see the scores of black women dressed in all the colors of the rainbow on shore, with the aid of glasses, also the rickshaws are constantly on the go
(The Empress of Rssussia is also anchored here)
[indecipherable] armed merchantman

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