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Nov 27 - 28

full speed towards her, the Yarmouth circled around her & seemed satisfied & allowed to to proceed on her journey. we cannot make out what boat she was. [inserted] SHE WAS A HARRISON LINE, LIVERPOOL BOAT, as she did not come in very close to us, we thought for awhile that she was one of the enemy & thought we would have another prize to take home.

A type-written account of the battle between the "Emden" & the "Sydney" was given to us this morning. Yesterday shoeing smith Fountain was kicked down the fore hatch by a horse & was admitted to the hospital rather badly hurt in consequence; one horse died last night & another one this morning. I relieved Marsh on the bridge for him to attend a map drawing lecture from 2 till 4 Major Vernon.

Sat 28th
Another horse died. it is very hot to-day & the semi final

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