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Ship & the Land Mark; when the Bearing is oblique from the Meridian; which may be expected to be often the Case, on a Coast whose general direction is like that between California and Mount Saint Elias. You are therefore directed, not to be too hasty in the correction of the Scale or direction of your Triangles, by e/y result of a single Observation of Longitude; whenever from the opportunities of obtaining good Bearings, & the Nature of your Process, you have no Reason to suspect its Accuracy; but to wait the result of more Observations of Longitude, in the Course of your Progress; before you alter your Plain Chart.
And this cannot fail to impress on your Mind, the evident Necessity for keeping the Survey Book in the most full, clear, & compleat order; for as it will contain a Register of all the Bearings & Angles, on which the primary Points depend, you will at all Times have an Opportunity of Referring to it, whether for the Purpose of correcting, or of re-constructing your Work. You will also regard it, as constituting a Test by which the Accuracy & Value of your work will be tried; on your Return: and no less as the Record to be consulted on Occasion of any doubtful or disputed Position.

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