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This most important Part of your Instructions being explained the prompt & due Execution of which must ever be present to your Mind;  we proceed to the next important part of your Duty;  which is, to note in the Course of your Progress, any Opening that presents itself & which appears to penetrate into the Continent,.  Should it prove to be only a Port or Bay you are referred to a future Part of Your Instructions, for your Conduct;   But should it either according to the Reports of the Natives;  or the result of your own Judgment;  appear to penetrate deeply into the Continent;  or lead into an Inland Sea, or other Water, you are to pursue it & consider the Investigation of its utmost Extent Eastwards as one of the principal objects of your Survey.  But in the mode of examining it you must Recur to the Principle laid down for the Execution of the Sea Coast; in which Dispatch & general Accuracy are the Leading Points of Consideration:  the detail being invariably to be deferred too a future Time;  as being totally incompatible with an extended General Survey.

     Should the Inland Water be not very wide & Extensive, it is Recommended after traceing its Course Eastward in a cursory Manner to Return by the North, as well to gain an Idea of its extent that way, as to note any outlets that points towards the Coast of the Ocean.  Not that it is on Any Account allowed you (except in a Case of Necessity) to trace any Channels or Outlets from such a Water even if they appear to Run towards the Coast for should they terminate in Deep Bays or Gulfs much Delay may be created.  And should they actually open into the Ocean they will in Course be noticed & pursued without hazard of Delay;  when the operation of tracing the Coast is Measured.  
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