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H         M
Bearings & Angles                  
1         15          B. Craggy Pt (7') with S Seal I (2') Et. 13º N 24 fa f sand
1          50 Black Peak over L Seal I. Et 3º So .
4 Ext Land L (18') opea g with Bluff Pt. (8') N35º W. 18 fm. coral
  (It appears to me that the Log Survey Book should be a decent sized folio; & that on the left hand side the Regular Log of the Ship should be inserted, as far as H K F. Courses Winds - Also an Abstract of e/y Remarks concerning the force of the Wind, & the Ships Manovers: for that will enable any one who comes after, to apply the Log book to the Chart. The Columns that follow, require no Elucidation.
Such particulars as seldom require repetition may be placed at bottom, as Latitude, Longitude, Rise of the Tide &c
A very large space should be appropriated to the Bearings & Angles; with two Columns for the Hour & minute when the Bearings were taken. And if the Matters on any Day, exceeds the space taken up by the Log, it may go onward whilst the Log side remains blank.
I would not make a Column for Remarks here. If any necessary ones occur, let them be inserted in the Column of Bearings (Between Brackets) as such Remarks will probably be merely illustrative of the Subject they are intermixed with: & by being so arranged, will be more illustrative of them than under any other form.
The Soundings that are copied from the common Log, & those whose places are ascertained by Angles & Bearings, should be discriminated, if possible. Whenever, therefore, a Cast of Soundings is taken, with the Bearings, I would have it set down after the Bearings a Column on purpose would be badly filled & the way I propose would distinguish the two kinds of Authority well.
It is understood that a description of the Coast, as to appearance; & the nature of its Shores; containing such particulars as would exceed the limits on any Column that could be allowed them here will appear in the Account of the Voyage.
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