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Rem. [remarks?] respecting a Survey of
The West Coast of America

   The nature of this survey should be (c), that the principal outline of the Country, shall be most exactly delineated; but that the minute parts, such as small Bays & Creeks, may be considered sufficiently exact if drawn by the Eye, with general and not particular Soundings. -  All of these unsurveyed parts may be express'd by Red lines.(a)  

     The precise situation of all Capes, Principal terminations of the parts of the Coast, Mountains and remarkable places, should at the intersection of the Angles be marked with a Dot (b)  surrounded by a red Circle, and the manner they are determined should be described in a Surveying Book.  In this Book, at Noon when the latitude is observed, any place bearing true West should be particular noted, and when the Longitude is found, any remarkable place that bears true North, shall likewise be particularised in the same manner:  Also

[notes in margin[
(c)  on account of dispatch
(a)  By this means the survey at any future time may be continued.
(b)  Or in some conspicuous manner, that all fixed points may be known

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