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himself, while if he is one who has not the service thoroughly at heart, and his mind entirely engaged in it; discretinary orders have not the effect for which they are given. -

     To gain the end therefore of my last plan I would confine him to 60 leagues within the Coast, and the propriety of this may be determined from my example of the Baltic;  for having fixed on such a Point as Elsineur [Elsinore] for a settlement commanding the entrance into an inland sea, he should proceed farther along the Coast to try if a more elligible place can be found - perhaps a second entrance to the same. - This last being very uncertain, it would from very obvious reasons (a) be absurd to take up an Idea that it should be searched for within the Gulf, because should there be no such passage, much time would be lost which employed on the Sea Coast would turn to greater advantage. -

[note in margin]
(a)  Suppose similar to Gulf of Bothnia 

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