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  Further latitude to the Commander may be given thus - "If upon your exploring a favorable opening to Trade and making a Settlement, you find at the limits prescribed to you it is necessary to go further to determine some essential matters;  you are at liberty to proceed;  keeping in your mind the object of your return &c &c-------"   
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 This will prevent him from alledging, that he was crampt in his orders & for that reason could do no more

With regard to the management of the Brig (or second vessel) -  think it proper to point out, that she is not all together to be considered as a Tender to the Senior Ship;  but that something independant is expected from her - A part of the Commanders Orders may run thus -and notwithstanding, it has been thought proper that you should for the safety of the whole, have the Chatham to accompany you; yet nevertheless when you can employ her apart, and connect your Surveys by which means the service will be forwarded, you are hereby authorised and directed to do it"

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