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To Robt Waddell Esq to [the?] Milton.
Suffering much and frequent pain 
in the head, I will try and give the little
information in my power: when I began
to work on this land, more than 42 years
since, the place was known by the natives
as Yatteyâtah, the first a, like the a in
Parramatta (as commonly pronounced)
the first tt as slightly sounded as d,
but the t predominating; the second â
like a in arm; the last t as in our 
word, at; the accent slightly on the â:
^the meaing,.Waterfall: also two native songs, the instrumental
accompaniment being two sticks, struck
^one against the other, the air I took by my flute
  "Ishemer   burrabunany   toonaoona : repeat ad lib.
      g     g   g   g g   g g    e e  e e    :
        parn    wate.       
          d         c   .  the notes in C.; after many
repetitions, a Da Caps on the higher C and changing
to the a. I believe this was "all about whale ship"
No 2 Jarrajam be âny muna watamboka
boonam toka gentleman toka wâthacomââthâ
gnâ. I did not take (or learn) the notes of the 
second song, I am afraid it was "all about
two gallons"                   P H Sheaffe 30 Oct 99.
P.S. In the above, the last syllable in Yatteyâtah,
is like the (our) word, tar, omitting the r. P.H.S.

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