Item 01: Fred Harold Tomlins war diary, 21 August 1914 - 20 March 1915 - Page 95

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of rowing, they have not come to blows yet as there is never two drunk at once.

Mon 28th
Were signalling all day with Head Quarters; The B. Sqd signallers were paraded before the Colonel & Howarth asked for a district court martial but at dinner time the Colonel had an enquiry & found he could not get a case against the signallers & they were dismissed.

we fell in at 6 PM & were marched off for an hours lamp practice & were dismissed in time for the commencement of the concert which was a great success. the Chairman read a telegram for George Reid saying he was sorry he could not attend as he had to appear at the Palace. I suppose we shall see him along any day now.

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