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[Sunday 19 March 1916]

Today I went to a Coptic Church Service, really R.C. The Priest wore a Silver Brocade!!! gown with Gold Tinsel (Poppy Pattern) & a Cowl or hood of same €”Choir of boys, Incense was burnt & many candles Music consisted of Cymbals & Triangles. The boys mostly X eyed wore Red Plush Caps & had good voices- all Arabic. All the (Bints) girls & women were in a Gallery with screen to hide them Most gaudily painted with Doves etc & glass Candleabra on which the sparrows perched.
Sing Song service, they never punctuate like in conversation only stop to take breath, & stare at us. Towards the end, an interpreter butted in with enclosed translation in bad English & I had to thank them Communion was held & I brought 1 cake home.
After Service the priest fed us on Quail Pigeon, Whisky Soda etc so we go next Sunday.

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