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[Tuesday 11 April 1916]

Word has just come in that our Armoured Cars out Baharia Oasia way made a smart capture- of a Turkish Officer & his 3 Bedouin Guards. This Turk had crossed Arabia Araba then the Red Sea about the middle thence via Luxor to the rail-way & out to Fayoum  €“Osais. They made their Camels kneel & got behind them to fire bur eventually on seeing 2nd Car arrive, surrendered.
I cleaned up that locket you gave me & which I wear as an identity Disc, & did wear all thro' Africa, it should be a good mascot to bring me home once more, I am afraid we are all getting a bit homesick now. Col Meredith o/c 1st L.H. here tonight, wants me back but I'm quite happy here.

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