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[Page 364]

[Sunday 31 December]

Raining still
Ring out the War Ring in Goodwill to all man kind!!! I hope I & my wife may be with you ere another year comes round.
Did a Perish last night 5 miles from the Turkish frontier-
Dug down 2 ft to the dry sand & with my feet in a nosebag & one blanket tried to sleep- You will hear of another scrap in a few days-
Am posting you some Stamps photos etc got from Magdhaba Turks bivouacs, with these Notes - & all good wishes for the New Year- We arrived back from stunt at sundown & Iv'e shaved washed & put on clean clothes for the New Year. I handed most into Brigade but kept a few for you. Someone may translate.

[Transcribed by Lynne Palmer and Trish Barrett for the State Library of New South Wales]

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