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[Thursday 21st December 1916]

We are allowed 30 lbs each Officer on the Carriers- this includes Blankets oil sheets, changes of clothes, writing material, Plum Puddings or any extra parcel, soap Towels Razors etc:- & & then as each & every camel is Lousey a good wash & change is essential.
24 hours in the Saddle & am now in Al Arish, Turks evacuated but we got a few prisoners I have a Turkish revolver.
Having drawn 50/- to pay this man I had to carry it on me all the time, so just as well no fight. I would have been down a good hand-
We rode all night & surrounded the town at dawn but they had flown. Two men blown to pieces by a mine on the Beach & other trip wires were found left by Turks to do us damage.

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