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[Page 215]

[Thursday 3 August 1916]

re written  €“ whole page crossed out
The MONITOR at Sea is a great help [indecipherable] send a 2000 lbs shell is lovely to listen to sailing thro' the air & landing with a Crunch. Clouds of dust etc.
We have been watching the Turks now both night & day for over 2 months & no prospect of being relieved for a bit- they are getting closer.
I Received Australasian & D'quin paper note old JEH & Albert [indecipherable] both gone.
I am saving a days Field Messages, which will show you our work, but I dare not post it. We average about 3 casualties a day per Regiment & several Horses lights blown out- it is one of my first jobs on returning to bivouac is to notify Brigade Head Quarters of our Losses

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