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1917 Friday 6 April

Good Friday – no recognition.
Get our packs fixed for moving off after dinner. Work the baths in forenoon. Fall in at 2.30 p.m. 14th Field arrives & takes over. We move out immediately with full packs & blankets up for Bazentin-le-Petit – 6 miles further up where the Dressing Station was during the late stunt. Have 2 rests on the way. Pass Casualty Corner Pozieres, & thro Contalmaison once agains. Point out the places of history to the new reinforcements. Arrive at destination on 5.30 p.m. tea. Pretty tired.
Receive bundle of papers from Harry – very welcome as no letters have come to hand for a month past for any body some hitch in the postal service apparently.
To bed early & have a good old read of local papers, come upon many interesting tit bits.

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