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1917 Monday 15 October

Great suprise. MacB & I warned for leave at 11 a.m. to get ready in hour's time. To go across at attendants to mental cases. Desperate haste to get ready, Do it report Boulogne 12.30 p.m. Meet 2 Tommy A.M.C. Segts. also of guard. Through some hitch in warrant papers, miss our boat. Just have time to scramble aboard last boat of convoy – away to Blighty at last. – St. Denis, St Andrew, Mail Packet, 2 first hosp. ships. Ours St Andrew. Shown over ship by A.M.C Corp splendidly fitted up. See Billy Leaming on board. Quick trip across escort torpedo boats. Arrive Dover 5 p.m. Takeover mental cases. 2 Fritzs. 18 walkers & 1 civilian. Mac & I take charge of civilian & escort him to London. First step on Blighty soil. Dover cliffs. Folkestone. All so bright. Our leave does not commence till we hand our patient over. Our ward – attempted suicide Melancholia. Hosp train.

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