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June Wednesday 6 1917

Duty at 6 a.m. again. Relieved of my job after breakfast. Back on to Gen. Duties. Do nothing much all morning. Stretcher bear at Irish Evac & a gen. one after.
Pay this afternoon. Leave from 2 p.m.
Jock & self out. Crowded tram & officious Tommy Corp – Jock "we are Colonials & dont you forget it" Wimereux & back into Boulogne. Jock haircut & shampoo – 2 francs shocking robbery. America Cafe luncheon. 1/6. Steak & eggs mounts to 2.58 fr. each – more robbery. Entente Cordiale not much among business people & us. Old Boulogne. Storm approaching Catch tram home & storm catches us. Such deluge of rain, get home dry tho'. Y.M.C.A. drink & bed.

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