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1917 Wednesday 24 Jan.

Another cold day. Slept warm tho'. Rheumatics trouble me in the arms every night for some time past. Gas helmet parade in the cold. A few more reinforcements float in. Ryder & Sutherland from Etaples. Parcel arrived for Bob yesterday from Mrs. Gibson London, lollies & cake, also small one for me from Nurse Swiney (handkerchief & mouth organ Go for short stroll round ruined town with Ridg. Maloney & Heylin. Secure few souvenirs & tea at station.
The past 2 days have been the coldest in the history of the country for 20 years. Ice has bound everything in a grip of iron Streets are slippery & unsafe to walk on – an experience to be remembered.
"Australians must be kept warm" We deplete the schoolroom of desks & forms to make fuel.

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