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1917 Friday 26 Jan.

A day of varied experiences. We left our main dressing Station at 10 a.m. walking along tram-line to Miller's Post. Frost still holding & surface slippery as glass. Left our packs at M.D.S. taking only our blankets & tucker. Arrive at Edward's Post after 3 narrow escapes from bursting shells. They all lobbed too close to be healthy & smothered us with clods & dirt. Shrapnel too. Shortly after leaving Edward's Post for relay stations further forward 6 Shells in rapid succession lobbed all round us. One of our chaps hit on shoulder. Ridg. & self render first aid. My squad & Reynolds selected for farthest post forward. Dubious honour,? Waiting for one of my squad new man, lagging behind we miss the others & get lost in sap. Ultimately arrive at our possie safely. Deep dugout, terribly overcrowded tho'. Make the best of it. Almost immediately have a carry down to next relay. A lucky "dud" lobbed just beyond us once.
Anniversary Day! I wonder what they did at home?

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