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1917 Wednesday 18 April

"Blarst", the weather! Colder & still colder, wetter & still wetter but all the same 3rd F. haul us out to do fatigues. Erecting big marquees covered in mud, with wet ropes fine fun in the icy rain. but we could be worse off. The poor old infantry in the front line have an infinitly harder time They are the ones to whom we should taking our caps off2.
Tis rumoured that Fritz is massing troops on our front. Something doing shortly if that is the case.
Big howitzers going up all day. A big welcome suprise; just as we'd turned in letters & parcel from Mya & Wall came in. A bonnie cake which we soon sampled. It was so opportune as rations have been short for some time & every little helps.

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