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19- 6-16 Shifted down from hill at 3.30 relieved by dismounted men, all night in bed for a change

20/6/16 Paid £1:00 shifted camp nearer to 4th to be out of sight of German Observation Post and out of range of their Guns, Germans shelled our old camp in the afternoon and made good practice Lucky we shifted when we did – our Guns silent as usual. 4th Got their day share of shells from the G's Outpost at night.

21-6-16 Still camped on the flats G Big Guns silent all day night 2 letters from Vi. 12th April 25 April. 4th-6th night in bed

22-6-16 Blank Day Outpost night

23-6-16 Shifted camp 5 miles east into a Kloof. Walked across and saw Sive & Jinny again. New Horse. Night in "bed." Rations issued

24-6-16 – Rum issue Picket for top of Mountain where we were before, told for four days Changed to picket for another hill. Ordered to come down in the morning false alarm came down later on and shifted camp to old place (had to walk). German's cleared moved again in the evening a few miles [indecipherable] sick men Got an old moke to carry me [on] Horse guard

25-6-16 Sive Jinny Patrol

26-6-16 Moved at 6 a.m from Camp Same old moke got a few miles and had to return moke knocked up issued another brute as bad. reached the squadron off saddle for an hour on into camp near Kondoa Irangi Rd

Rations Bread Flour Coffee Sugar Bacon all night in bed

27-6-16 out on strong patrol A Sqd advance Sgt Hamilton B Sqd killed

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