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7.9-16 Whole of camp shifted forward towards Kisaki. Our sqd advance guard Germans burning every thing in the way of stores as they retire. Got to Depot Mumto in evening after exchanging few shots with rear guard. Everything burning including lots of ammunition camped at waterholes.

Advance Guard for "Kisaki" Military Depot and struck the hottest time the regiment has experienced retired at Dark. no water all day and boiling hot. retired at night to water holes we left previous in morning everybody tired out. on the move from 5 am Friday till 4 am Sat no food or water most of the horses finished Germans in a hell of a strong place.

Big list of casualties Sive another dose of fever. Jinmy's horse finished.

Major Cowey Lieut Flyme. Anderson. Killed lot of B Sqd. missing. and probably 17 wounded

8-9-16 Laid at Waterholes till 12 pm then move on in direction of camp. stay with 4th Reg for night. our people at water 6 miles away. Sam Harris & Tiffin. Cottingham among the missing

9 Going forward to rejoin our own Reg Joined up at 9. a.m camped for day. Major Cowey buried back at the 4th Reg Camp near field hospital. camp for night at "MGeta" River with 5th 6th Infantry

Germans release wounded prisoners of of ours on parole – promise not to take up arms against the German Govt again. Medically treated by Germans on that Condition

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