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9th Waiting to go to Remount camp still no transport hope to get away to night. Got away per mule Transport.

10th In Detail Camp 1 days rations Mail parcel from Vi. 1 letter No 10 from aunt 1 Mrs B. 1 paper

11th Detail Camp Jimny Fraser rejoined this morning 3 days rations

12th Camp 2 miles from "Morogoro" men left behind at Kikombo rejoined Hetherington & Co.

13th Camp

14th [indecipherable] Sive paid us a visit from the convalescent camp – Rations Flour. Rice. Sugar, Coffee, Tobacco, Salt, Bacon, 1 box matches

Sunday 15th Camp Church Service. Lot of remounts arrived

15 Camp 16th ditto Rations 2 days

17 Camp 18 Camp Sive joined yesterday from Convalescent Camp Rations Paid 15 Rps £1 – first for 5 months

19 Camp no meat yesterday 3rd time in a week Horses issued

20/9/16 [20/10/16] Camp walked into Morogora for a meal. Horses issued to fit men.

21. Camp 22nd Ditto [indecipherable] Guard. 100 Horses lost

23rd Out looking for lost horses met "Lundie" of the 2nd

24 Camp

25 Camp Dinner with Dennis

26 Horse Guard Comforts issued 1 Bag Tobacco 5 pkts Flags between 2 men Unfit men gone back. Joe Ashton supposed to be for Union

27 Camp Issue of clothes Pants Trousers 2 Socks, Shirt, Puttees, Towell

28 Sick Parade Rheumatics.

29 Sive gone back to Sick camp en route for Daresaalam or Nynberg 850 men of the 1st Mounted Brigade Unfit.

HQ orderley for day saw Dennis.

Current Status: