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11-9-16. Monday no orders to move Big Guns going in distance. Supposed to be General Sheppard camp for day

12-9-16 Camp "Rations"

13.9.16 Going forward to take Ammunition to General Sheppard supposed to be 14 miles distant

12.9.16 Rations for six days 3rd of a small cup of rice 2 broken bisciutss 1 cup flour 1 tea Spoon baking powder 1 spoon coffee (sugar 2 spoons full mealie meal 1½ cup for four men.

13-9-16. Trekked on 14 miles East as Escourt to carriers with munitions arrived at dark. camped on small river. few sniping shots on road. Left Sive on River Horse lost. Escourt to ammunition

14-9-16 Moved at 8. a.m Through long grass and scrub camped at 6. p.m 9th Advance Shot one askari and one German wounded and prisoner German outposts sniping in afternoon

15-9-16. Germans shooting at our men in the morning. 2nd Brigade fighting most of day Germans shifted from the river towards the evening. out on mounted patrol in afternoon on Kisaki Rd got an askari carrier [indecipherable] from the Germans. One Officer killed one wounded of the 2 Brig Rumour Kisaki evacuated. Lieut Myburg and ten men gone in to verify

last day of escort ammunitions

16.9.16 Moved on in direction of G [indecipherable] guard, our maxims fire a few shots all the mounted men dug in 9th 4th 5th 6th 3 and 4th Mealies for breakfast.

Most of all regiments forward on foot G's still in same position Germans sniping all day our men dug in all day got back to camp 1-30 am (Kisaki evacuated) 2 days ago) Gen Britts men in place everything burned

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