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11/8/16 Camped for night half way. Horse Guard

12/8/16 Move off at 5 am to village. Natives turn out in numbers armed with Bows & arrow Spears etc. apparently expecting things to happen. Germans too strong on "ahead" Camp at 7 am. for 3 hours. leave 25 men and return towards camp. Camp at 12 pm till 3 p.m. and move off for the first 25 men

Camped for night. Move off at 7 am. for Railway line – Natives capture two askaris who tell us that our troops have occupied Gulwe (Mpapau) on the Railway line about 50 or 60 kilos from "Kikomba" E.

Trek all day through hilly and scrubby country – no water for horses camped at night about 6 miles from Gulwe no water.

15/8/16 Arrived at Gulwe Stn at Germas as usual destroyed pumping plant – Trek on 6 miles more for water big swamp. Plenty water first for 48 hours. Learn that Mpapua has been taken by the 9th and Infantry some casualties. Capt. Green of the 2nd Reg. gone forward to the next Station. picket at night bought sheep first meat for 4 days. Rations and mail expected to day. no news since the 13 June;

16-8-16. Old Letter from (P) Sive – arrived in camp at 11 am. Rations issued 5 days. In camp all day. "No Duty".

17.8.16. Anniversary – 17.8-75 Camp all day. picket at night

18-8/16 Trekked on about 5 miles to fresh camp on Swamp close to Rly Line Big Guns going in distance. Heard of severe engagement between our troops and Germs at some place on ahead. German Guns played a prominent part.

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