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Rations issued Flour Coffee. Bacon

15.6.16 Reveille as usual Went to bottom of hill for water 1½ hours ½ issue of beef Two Lieutenants returned to us Been hauled over the coals for asking for carriers to bring water Probably to remain here for some time orders to hold hill

16.6-16 Stand to arms as usual 5 A.M. Rations Bread Jam Sugar, Coffee usual for two days. No picket in the evening for me

17-6-16 Observation post for 2 hours in the morning Nothing happening Bought ½ Sheep the 3rd paid boy 35 cents to bring water 7 pm Guard as usual

18 6 16 (Sunday) Usual Routine 7 am officers read to us a dispatch from Headquarters anticipated surrender of askaris Will in the event of wishing to Surrender advance with a bunch of grass held in the left hand as a token of peaceful intentions But to be extremely cautious in dealing with them as they are very treacherous (Personally I think a German Ruse) supposed to be relieved by Infantry (another probability)

4.30 Germans opened fire on the horses of the 4th with 3 guns 10 pounders 2-7 – and did some good shooting Big guns silent. no askaris came in. Not to our post not relieved

19-6-16 Monday Foggy moring Germans started as usual with big guns as soon as able to see For observation post 12 am 2 pm Received [letter] from Vi dated 1.3.16 also one from Paul wrote yesterday to Vi and Paul (6 horses killed 14 wounded by German guns on the 18th

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