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horses shot. Banks on Patrol in evening

23/8-16 Our Reg 3rd moved off out 6 a.m in direction where shooting took place yesterday. Sive and self left in camp horses broke away in evening

Sgt. Smithdorf killed yesterday. warned for firing party at 2 p.m. to day.

Went to funeral – one of firing party.

Moved camp 100 yds. Patrol came in at dark – horse guard.

24-8-16 Camp Kilossa Rumours of shifting forward this afternoon wrote letter to Aunt – Leave at 1.30 pm all mounted men 3rd 4th 9th 1st 2nd Regs in direction of Monogora. 3rd Ammunition Guard. Trek all night, worst night on record only 1 hour sleep heavy dew and slept without blankets Trek on 'till 5. a.m.

25/8/16 camp for one hour breakfast reach camp at 1.p.m. 24 hours trekking men and horses exhausted. Leaving camp again at 6.p.m. for Rly Line W. Side of Monogora – with Ammunition waggons. 20 mile trek to do and do quickly Trekking postponed till tomorrow

Red X Mission at Kilossa contained 5 white and 200 askaris sick and wounded Kilossa 150 kilos from "Kikombo"

26 Still camping at River order to trek at 9. a.m. postponed till some time this afternoon. difficulty getting transport across river Trekked at 12 am. a few miles and camped for night. Bad country for transport lots of timber

27.8-16 Trek at daylight and join

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