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Left Maktau May 16th BiBi
4 P.M. Passed BiBi. 5-30. 7 miles.
M Buyuni. 8. P.M. 16 Miles from Maktau

Saw first Aeroplane Fly 17th May 1916

Arrived at - ? 18th Trekked in wrong direction for Tavita – 7 miles each way (14 miles) arrived at Tavita 19th May 16. 9,30 a.m.

In sight of Saltpetre Lakes to the S.We of Tavita

Arrived at "Moschi Sat 20-5 16

4th S.A.H. Details moved off to Kondoa Irangi on Sunday 21-5-16 also Machine Gun Section S.A.H. 132 all told

Moschi at the foot of the Kilimangaro Mountains 1.800 Ft above sea level

Camped at Moschi

left Moschi Friday 26 May 6. am
Trekked 1.8 miles and halted at River
27. Trekked 18 miles without water

Camped at River ?
28 Trekked all Day
29 – Ditto. First Buck Guinea Fowl
30 Ditto – 31 Arrived at Loth Kassali
Lei Loth Kasallhei? 9 A.M. Wednesday
Van Deventer (said) to have captured 18 Germans and 300 or 400 askaris after an engagement "Loth Kassaila"

1-6-16 Under orders to leave at 10 a m or 4 p.m. 8 miles on to ??

Current Status: