Halse war diary, 1 February 1916-4 May 1917/ Edward George Halse - Page 11

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wild beasts shot on the 20th one of a German Patrol surprised by Capt Green of the 2nd Reg at camping ground Killed one askari wounded two, pulling water from well till 8 pm.

13-7- 16 Picket all day. askari captured near camp – ex. K.A.R. Church Service

24-7-16 Horse Guard artillery arrived in camp 3 days issue of rations. out on patrol at 4 p.m about 5 miles SE in direction of Enera returned at dusk half way and camped for night. Picket Germans supposed to be in vicinity saw nothing –

25-7-16 Returned to camp at 5 a.m. camp all day –

Wed 26 7 16 Trekked till 6 pm no water or feed for horses. Advance guard ran into Germans with machine guns were the water was supposed to be. A De. Jager Staff Officer badly wounded below the heart several horses shot. Camped for night

27-7-16 Advanced 6. a.m. Long Trek no water for men or horses encounter with Germans and Machine Guns

28-7-17. Advance for water 6 miles, small sandy river supposed to be eleven miles from Dodoma Watered horses and troops unsaddled etc. [Indecipherable] ran into concealed machine guns about four, several casualties on our side. Firing continued till well into afternoon. A Sqd. shot 5 askaris 2 killed 3 wounded on hill to left – (Horses without water for 38 hours

28-7-17 Found one of the 7th Reg early in the morning laying on the road, mile from camp with dead horse been there all night (twelve hours) shot near stomach.

29-7-17 Picket all day on kopka 4 miles from camp. Patrol of 180 men left camp in direction of Dodoma Rly Line Colonel Coens we are to be relieved by 9th tomorrow Rations issue

Sunday 30/7/16 Still on kopke – into camp at 9 am. Col. Coen forestalled by the Germans who have blown up the line and retreated towards Karess[indecipherable]

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