Halse war diary, 1 February 1916-4 May 1917/ Edward George Halse - Page 10

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27.6-16 Doubt about Sgt Hamilton. probably lost. night in bed.

28/6/16 Went out with a party of 15 men to patrol place were Sgt H was lost saw nothing but entrenchments that the G's evacuated. returned at night to hill 60. No Duty at night

(near Hill 60)

29-6-16 Cooking all morning, horses shod quiet day in camp. Outpost to night issue of boots. X

30/6/16 First issue of horse food (mouldy mealies) for a month new horse S135. horse claimed by 4th Sive and Jinny returned from seven days patrol night in camp

1-7-16 Saturday. Sive and Jimny re-joined us in A. Squadron Replenished out stock of food Unger etc – "Unger" Ground Corn'

2-7-16 Church Service Mail arrived 3 letters from As. 1 Vi

3rd Day in camp no duty new horse 50 40 3-7-16

4.6.16 Camp 5/6/16 Camp 6/6/16 Rations for horse

5/7.16 Camp. Still Sugar in Coffee – issue of pants and boots 6th 7th ditto Church Service 8th ditto 9th Church Service morning evening 10th ditto 11th [ditto] 12th Drill 13th Ditto – posted letters to Vi. A. Ad. Lucy. 14th ditto 15-a 16 -17 Smoking concert in evening "Marice Bolta [indecipherable]

18 Camp 19th Trekked 30 or 40 miles camped in Basin scrubby country. Sick vomiting Diarohhea

19/7/16 Camped all day Horse Guard.

21 Left Camp trekked about 5 miles returned to same camp. Bad water

24 Trekked at 8. a.m. about 25 miles. Saw dead body of askari partly devoured by

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