Halse war diary, 1 February 1916-4 May 1917/ Edward George Halse - Page 27

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29/12/16 Dar E. Salaam Another attempt to get away from here at 6.30 AM no luck.

Got parcel from Albert in afternoon Pipe Soap Tea Tobacco Cigarettes etc

30/12/16 No attempt this morning to get away. abandoned apparently for the present.

31/12/16 Dar E. S No word of moving to day –

1-1-17 Dar. Es Salaam no word of shifting

2-1-17. D. E Salaam. Rumours of pay to day but no word of ship for home Paid £2.0.0.

3/1/17 No word of moving yet – Kit Bags brought back to camp after being on lighter for a week.

4/1/17 Still in Camp Daressalaam.

5-1-16 Ditto Feed of oysters

2 letters from "Aunt" dated 18th Dec.

6 Jan 17 D. E Salaam. Very bad last night vomiting pains in stomach fish poison

7 Jan D. E Salaam

8th Dar Es Salaam.

9th Rumour of our leaving here tomorrow per Professor Noerman Roll call at 4 p.m. to day for all unfit men

10-1-17. Roll Call 6 am no leaving to day

Still feeling rotten stomach bad. Wrote to Albert an Vi 8/1/17

11-1 17 No sailing to day feeling much better, still no mail

12/1/17 No Ship feeling OK. for a change. Wrote to Jinmy "Fraser"

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