Item 02: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 2 January-31 December 1916 - Page 81

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[Page 81]

[Monday 20 March 1916]

Today shot 3 ducks 7 Quail 4 Curlew 4 Jack snipe 3 Plover & some sort of Grouse. The line of demarcation between Desert & Valley of the Nile is like a fence, 20 yards between the two. Out on the Desert, not even a bird is seen, only Lizards
Inspected & took photo of Native Incubator- 1000's of eggs, & chicks falling out of them & in adjoining mud hut the Chicks were fed leaf kept up by Maize stalks I told you before Hens never sit in Egypt.
Now on last night in adjoining village [indecipherable] Natives killed, 20 wounded. Weapons used- old guns, reaping hooks, etc :- & row over a piece of land, we had to turn out but only a local disturbance.
Letter from Mardi inclosing one from Kathleen & one from you ex Katandra, glad to hear all's well

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