Item 02: Frank Valentine Weir letter diary, 2 January-31 December 1916 - Page 67

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[Page 67]

[Monday 6 March 1916]

We are not supposed to bathe in Canal here or in fact any where in Egypt owing to a hook worm called BILHARDSI entering the System- But I prefer to chance the hook worm to going dirty-
General move on further South to Ass[indecipherable] but we remain where we are I am always afraid I say too much in my notes to you, but it would be a conscientious Censor who is able to [indecipherable] thro all this. I sent you from the Dardanelles an English Army  £1note to raffle at ALLIES Day, with ANZAC on it this must have gone done with my other letters & notes in the Trawler

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