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[Page 73]

You clear away well cursing
but you're soon bailed up outside
whi with Mester you go Pyrim
you want a Donkey Ride.

You pay the cabby twice his fare,
you safely dodge the Police
the Driver's voice pours forth anon
Mester give it Buckshee

Just send a mob of gyppies
across to Kaiser Bill
if they don't send him off his nut
guess that nothing will.

A Question
Is it cause we're simply sold.
or strangers in this land
that the Gyppies swarm around us
like specks of Desert sand.
From first thing in the Morn
it is the one incesant cry
Gyptian Mail or Times
they pest of you to buy.

Apples or obangies [oranges?]
You buy a cigarette
They are really the most
persistant coons I ever meet.

When you're strolling around sightseeing
along the Different routes,
a swarm of kids persue
shouting Mester cleana boots

When you sit down for a whisky
to put you in good mood
there's a whisper at your elbow
buy it Post Card verry good.

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