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After a few days of hell I got quite used to it, every evening we get shelled with shrapnell which is verry dangerous especially out of the trenches & down on the beach where they shell verry often in fact while I am writing this diary there are shells bursting on the beach. we are down near the beach for a spell so I can see them quite plainly. this country is verry mountainous especially when we have to carry up the water in cans from the valley. It is against all rules to have a wash on account of shortage of water, it is nearly a fortnight since I had a wash so I am going down to the beach tomorrow for a swim, this is the only time we can get the swim when we are spelling.

June 18th
Waterloo day so let us hope that we have as great a success as what Wellington had.

June 27th
Things are verry quiet just now we had it pretty lively last night, they attacked us at Quinns Post but were repulsed. I have been in supports now about two weeks so things are getting very stale.

August 2nd 1915
Reverted to the ranks at Gallipoli, gazetted as Sergeant in Zeitoun May 13, 1915, acting Sgt. from May 30th till 4/8/15.

Arrival of Andy Watson into 4th Battalion. Whilst I was standing on the verandah outside our trenches I caught sight of him & had quiet a long chat together, he looked a bit thin on it but looked well.

Aug. 6th
Capture of Lone Pine at 5-30 Friday, we left the trenches & took Lone Pine after a fierce & long struggle losing a good many. I got wounded at 4.30 Sat. 7th Aug. & landed at Alex. 11th & was admitted into No. 19 General Hosp. Alexandria.

23rd Sept. sailed for Eng. to finish Convalescence, arrived at Malta 20th Sept.

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