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them up to our position near the firing line which is about a mile from the beach. I handed my men over to the 4th Battalion Head Quarters where we were split up into A, B, C & D Companys, myself going to D Coy. I was sorry to loose my Company as I had been with them all along ever since I had enlisted. We put up for the night in a dug out which I & two of my Cpls. made. I tell you we were a bit nervous that night, shots flying over our heads as we thought so we did not sleep verry comfortable so we passed the next day a bit better getting used to it. this night we turned in early at 8 oclock, at about 12 o'clock I was aroused to go up into the firing line. I can tell you was shakey, the second night anyhow a party had already been found so we were dismissed not to my sorrow I can assure you. The third day I joined my platoon that is the 14th as Platoon Commander, we went up to the firing line at 8 a.m. that morning which was not so bad going up in the day, one could see where he was going & how the land lies.

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