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allowed to board the ship. We took in coal & water. The cooleys are great in selling all sorts of things, bananas, cigars, Indian money, coconuts, underclothing. Some of the niggers are great at diving for money, cunning that Cunning they won't dive for money Copper only silver. We left Colombo at 8 p.m. on the 5/4/15 our stay Consisted of 12 hrs. Noone was allowed to to go ashore so everybody is at this present moment is verry dissappointed. we finished up at Colombo by singing Patriotic Chorusus. I must say that Colombo is a verry pretty little harbour what little we seen of it. As we were moving out two powerful searchlights played on us. Coming out of the harbour the break water is something like this --- [see image of this page for drawing] and the boats go in & out these two gates with lights on the end of the wall.

March April 6th
We are now passing the furtherest point of India that is near Celon, there is one mass of fishing Dhows or smacks sailing about our boat that is about 10 miles out from land but it is verry Calm hardly a move in our ship as far as the rolling or pitching is concerned. we sighted this land at 8.45 this morning, this land is about the highest we have seen, they look like huge mountains, there is a haze about so that makes it harder to see the land. Well there is no land in Sight now that 9.45 7/4/15

April 7th
I was given a St. Johns testament to night by the Chaplin. We are in the Arabian Sea now but it is just as Calm as the Indian Ocean.

April 17th
We passed the Socotro Island this morning a 6 oclock, we were too far out to see much.

April 12th
Reached Aden at 7 oclock, it was a verry pretty sight to see each light as it came over the horizon as we moved on search lights were seen about

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