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an extension of 15 days from 1st to 15th Dec. On the 2nd of Dec. I visited Colchester for a day, we embarked at Euston Stn., London. Then on the 4th we visited B.ham., from Bham. we trained to forge Mill out to Frank Winfields farm, we stayed the day & night then made back for London on the 5th. On the 6th of Dec. Fred W. went back to the Front. Today Wednesday I went off to Skegness to finish my holidays. Skeg. is an east coast seaside town in Linconshire [Lincolnshire] 132 miles from London. You get the train at Kings Cross. I have been down here since the 7th of Dec. & am still here, this day is 17th. I got another Extension of furlough from the 15th to the 30th so am busy looking out for a place to stay for Xmas. I have a mate with me, his name is Les Lott so we go around together. The place where I am staying is Mrs. Hare Albion House, 85 Lumley Road, Skegness. This place would be very nice in Summer but very quiet in Winter. Each peoples house has their name on a plate outside so you can see that everyone knows each other. Names of the most important Streets here are Lumley Rd., Drummond Rd., High St., Roman bank, Wainfleet Rd., North parade & South P., Rutland Road. Am, leaving here on the 20th Dec. Algitha Road is where the Westlean [Wesleyan] Church is & Miss Pearce received word tonight to report at Weymouth. Left Skeg. at 7.7 p.m. 17th, arrived Hampstead 11.15 same night, left Hampstead 8 a.m. 18th arrived at Herne hill to visit Miss Carter at 10.30,

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