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[Page 51]

I've been lately thinking over Bil the Kaiser
The man that wants to rule the Land & sea
Now when I think of Balmy bil the Kaiser
I wonder does he think the same of me.
in fighting he is very fond of fireling [firing?]
John Bull will find his points without a doubt.
Now here's a man with fame as bad as Nero's
What do you think of him I like to know.

Now all you have to do is to boo boo boys
When I ask you what you think of Kaiser Bil.
In fact well you can call him what you like Boys
And when your's on your own I know you will,
Your often heard him speak in praise of heroes,
in chorusus you will let your voices rise,
Before he has a chance to throw towel in
Count up to nine & put the blighter out.

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